kids with ingredients at Mama Cimino's

Third-generation authentic Italian pizzeria

Mama Cimino’s is a third-generation authentic Italian pizzeria that, since the 1970s, has been serving original recipes that the family brought to the U.S. from Sicily.

Nick Cimino’s parents and grandparents immigrated to America from Ribera, Sicily, in 1971. The family settled in Rockford, Illinois, and opened the first Mama Cimino’s in Freeport, Illinois, in 1974.

For nearly half a century and over multiple generations, the Cimino’s have been serving pizza and pasta using the freshest ingredients and preparing their own sauces.

The family found success in the restaurant industry as their customers appreciated the original flavors that were brought to the United States from the Old Country.

Nick Cimino joined the family business in 1984 as a full-time pizza maker. In 2011, Nick opened his own Mama Cimino’s in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. His mother, the original Mama Cimino, played a key role in helping her son branch out and replicate the success of running an authentic Italian restaurant.

Mama Cimino at Table

All of Nick’s recipes originate from Mama Cimino’s original Sicilian recipes.

After the passing of Nick’s father, Mama Cimino’s continued to expand the business to five other locations. There are Mama Cimino’s restaurants in Las Vegas, Nevada; Galena, Illinois; San Clemente, California; Fort Lauderdale, Florida; and Boulder City, Nevada.

For Mama Cimino’s Pizzeria, everything is about family. Nick Cimino treats all of his customers as if they are members of his family who are visiting for a meal.

Mama Cimino with sonsAll of the ingredients are made fresh daily. The dough is kneaded each morning and cooked alongside sauces in the pizza and pasta.

In 2020, the pizzeria expanded its offerings to include a full complement of traditional American cuisine. The expanded menu includes chicken, chicken wings, ribs, hamburgers, steaks and much more.

Nick owns and operates his Lake Geneva restaurant alongside his wife, Racheal, and their children. The Cimino’s are also charitable and incredibly involved in the community.